Custom wooden powder skis with First Nations raven artwork by artist Karver Everson from K'ómoks.s.
Custom wooden powder skis for deep snow days. The artwork features a fox, a swordfish, a sea turtle and an orca all under a full moon. Great for heliski or catski adventures.
Bespoke all mountain skis with custom shape and flex. Artwork features a day of the dead, or dia de los muertos, motif complete with momento mori on the tails.
Custom women's powder skis with steampunk style artwork featuring an airship, gears, a fantasy map and a mechanical robin posing as Da Vinci's Vetruvian Man.
Custom skis for heliski adventures. These skis feature a landscape spanning down from the mountains, to a river valley to a forest campsite, complete with campfire. There is a helicopter on the nose of the skis.
Custom commemorative skis. All mountain style skis with wood marquetry portrait of Mount Washington Alpine Resort, Vancouver Island, and a silhouette of a buck deer. A small Canada Flag on the left ski.
Vancouver Island Kindred skis feauring kurly koa topsheets, the Kindred 'K' logo and a portait of the Island. Custom binding insert pack.
Custom Kindred powder skis featuring a natural sheet of butterflied Mozambique wood.
Kindred custom wood marquetry skis featuring a portrait of Denman Island, British Columbia and a bugling Roosevelt Elk. Marquetry features wood species like Black Walnut, Maple, Mahogany and Mozambique.
Kindred Custom skis for ACMG heliski guide at Bella Coola Helisports. Artwork features an Indigenous raven design created by K'ómoks artist Karver Everson.
Customized Kindred Ramblers powder skis. The artwork features a WWII Spitfire bomber soaring through the clouds. The wood marquetry art features black walnut, maple, cherry, dyed wood veneer and rosewood to create the image.
Custom Kindred ski basesheet artwork featuring a pet portrait and a ski map of Nakiska, Alberta, Canada.
Kindred Day of the Dead skis. Closeup of marquetry artwork on nose of skis, woman with a painted face and flowers in her hair.
Kindred Dia De Los Muertos skis. Closeup of the artwork detail on the tails of the skis. Wood marquetry portrait of a momento mori including skull, flower vase, candles, and the sands of time.
Sea to sky Kindred Ramblers backcountry powder skis featuring artwork by pyrography artist, Samm Moore.
Women's powder skis with cherry tree branches and blossoms, or sakura, marquetry artwork..
Collaborative custom build with wood burning pyrographer, Samm Moore. A typical scene from coastal British Columbia, Canada, featuring a soaring eagle, a grizzly bear and a whale tail in a sunset sea to sky landscape.
Closeup of Kindred Custom skis basesheet in red and black.
Custom Kindred powder skis with marquetry mountainscape.
custom powder skis from Kindred with geometric style mountainscape and forest.
Kindred Ramblers powder skis with custom sky and red full moon.
Kindred custom women's powder skis with wood marquetry salmon and forest motif.
Custom Aftanas wood skis with a sea to sky motif including crashing west coast waves and a mountainscape.
Wood marquetry wedding skis guestbook from Canada. Artwork featuring icebergs, narwhals and a sailboat.
Simple Kindred custom wooden powder skis with maple topsheets and blue chevrons. Great for deep snow like Coastal British Columbia, or Interior British Columbia, Canada.
Custom wood skis from ski builders at Kindred Custom Snowboards and Skis. Artwork features a geometric portrait of a Vancouver Island sunset over Mount Albert Edward as viewed by looking South West from Mount Washington Alpine Resort.
geometric wood powder skis from Canada.
Custom powder skis as homage to Cortes Island, British Columbia.  The artwork features a sunset over Gorge Harbour portrait on the noses, and family of salmon swimming through kelp on the tails.
Limited edition wooden kindred skis : The Zeballos.
Sunset power skis. Kindred Ramblers with sun rising above clouds and a small fox on the noses.
Limited Edition Tahsis skis with snow ghosts. Women's size, all mountain shape for on-piste and quick turns.
Kindred wooden skis in Zeballos all mountain shape. Plain wood topsheets.
Kindred wood Ramblers powder skis. Featuring wood marquetry foggy mountains artwork.
A pair of Kindred wood sunset skis in the Ramblers shape. His and her's skis. Appropriate for heliski and catski adventures in Canada or beyond!

Custom Ski

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Maybe you are a discerning skier with specific performance needs. Or maybe you love one of our existing Limited Edition shapes, but would like to add personalized artwork. Custom work is our specialty. Each custom build requires a conversation to help us hone the details of your perfect pair of skis. Customization costs will apply. Artwork cost is quoted hourly depending on the complexity of the design. Contact us to begin the conversation, or for a quick cost quote.

Click through the gallery for some inspiration.

Things we can customize to suit you:
Topsheet Art
Basesheet Art


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