About Kindred

We, Angie and Evan, design and build Kindred Custom Snowboards and Skis together in the shadow of the Beaufort Mountain Range on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada. We embarked on this creative journey to feed our passion for the ride.  Not just the act of sliding on snow, but the entire alpine experience.  It's this experience that connects us to our kin: the people with whom we share a joy for powder, park features and beautiful peaks.

What's in a name? We chose Kindred because It recognizes how constantly blown away we are by the support of our community, friends, and family. It also nods at the incredible relationships that are forged through alpine winter sports and lifestyle. Nothing quite compares to charging through fresh snow engulfed by the euphoric hoots and hollers of your friends. Those snowy moments, when we’re living a shared experience, feel like pure magic. When you are surrounded by people who embody that joy on and off the snow, you can’t help but feel like family. More friends on a pow day!