Limited Edition

Handmade in BC, Canada
Woman Skiing on Kindred Skis through large tree glades in deep snow

Tried and Tested

Maximize Your Joy on Snow

Bespoke Performance

For The Discerning Skier or Rider

Wood Topsheet

One of a kind ride

Crafstmanship X Tech

Top Quality Components

Kindred snowboards splitboards and skis are a complementary brew of art and craftsmanship that will enhance everything you love about sliding on snow.

Both custom and stock builds are meticulously crafted using the highest quality materials to ensure exceptional performance in the mountains.

You're performance driven. You have backcountry aspirations. You're a beginner who wants a strong start. You're a weekend cruiser. You need advice to design the snowboard or skis of your dreams. We build to suit you.
Kindred Gift Card

Kindred Gift Card


Offer your loved one their choice of performance and design preferences for a custom or limited edition snowboard, ski, or splitboard build. Gift cards can be used towards any product purchase in this online store, or can be redeemed in person.

Please note: No physical gift certificate is associated. Gift card arrives via email. If you would like us to mail the recipient a physical certificate please make a note in the purchase, and provide your phone number or email address so we can reach out about those details.