Functional Art

Beautiful and unique wood marquetry topsheets speak to each individual snowboarder or skier. Custom artwork amplifies a sense of self expression on snow.

Choose an original sublimated or marquetry design from our Limited Edition ski and snowboard collections OR contact us about a custom build to commission a personalized piece of rideable art. If you are specifically interested in West Coast Indigenous artwork we work with Karver Everson.

Need inspiration? Check out our Instagram feed for examples of our work over the past decade!

Artist Collaborators

We have partnered with two incredible local artists for topsheet designs: Mia Dungeon and Karver Everson. It's a dream to work with people you admire. See brief descriptions below and visit their websites to really get to know them well. We're stoked to offer our customers something different. Choose their artwork to decorate your KINDRED snowboard, skis or splitboard.

Karver Everson

When customers first requested West Coast First Nations art the only correct path was to commission an indigenous artist. Kim and Paul from the First Nations Snowboard Club introduced us to Karver Everson nearly a decade ago. Karver has always been eager to learn and uphold the cultural traditions of his ancestors. "Although my culture is still here and thriving, its existence is threatened by the rapidly changing world. Through my art I attempt to connect the present with the past and further understand my place within time and cultural history." When applying these traditions to contemporary mediums like his incredible skis and snowboard graphics Everson says, "You need to know the rules before you can break them; these designs all follow the rules of Northwest Coast First Nations formline and design with respect to my Pentlach, K'ómoks and Kwakwaka'wakw roots." We feel lucky and grateful to work with him.

Mia Dungeon

We met Mia at a boards art show in 2019. We were immediate fans of how she weaves deeply personal experiences and playful spirit into imagery steeped with soul. Themes like life, death and the underpinnings of mortality are curiously explored in Mia’s work. Dungeon creates dark yet whimsical paintings with hope of capturing a glimpse behind the elegantly raw veil of human existence. We see evidence of Mia’s time spent in the Mojave Desert between Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, and the West coastline of Southern California, but Mia has also enjoyed many snowy years living in BC mountain towns working in snowcat mechanic’s shops, snowboarding and making art during the winter nights. She is awesome, kind and a true artist. We hope you are as stoked on this collaboration as we are!