KINDRED MRK5 Snowboard
KINDRED MRK5 Snowboard
KINDRED MRK5 Snowboard

KINDRED MRK5 Snowboard

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Spec and Sizing

 The MRK5 was designed by Canada National Snowboard Team Coach, former Olympian and World Cup professional rider Mark Fawcett. This shape is right at home where it was designed, in the backwoods of British Columbia. Mark has spent a lifetime designing and testing snowboard shapes and materials and the MRK5 namesake speaks to the 5th iteration of this design.  With advanced riders in mind, his design is a solid performer in all snow conditions. 

The blend of straighter sidecut and a wider than average waist allows this vessel to float like an angel in the deep stuff, and not have annoying toe and heel drag when you tip-it-over aggressively on the groomers.  The MRK5 features a setback camber profile that is powerful in the tail and forgiving up front.  From the pedigree of world cup race boards, our premium hybrid construction utilizes Carbon Fiber in all the proper locations to place this board in the highest performing category.

      “I design boards to suit my own riding style.  I love riding fast with the board and myself really tipped over.  I’m always carving trenches.  To ride in this aggressive manner, toe and heel drag are unacceptable.  The wider overall width, mixed with specific flex pattern, sidecut and taper dimensions, allowed me to have the stability of a much longer board while maintaining super playful action in the tight spots that I often encounter.  Oddly, the same details that allow this board to handle heavy G’s on groomers also loves a light touch while floating you to a euphoric state in the deep and fluffy.”  - Mark Fawcett


General sizing guide


MRK5 158:     

  • Boot size: 9 – 11 US      Mondo 27 - 29
  • Rider Height: 5’6” –  6’      168 cm -  183 cm
  • Body mass: 165lbs  - 210 lbs       74 kg -  95 kg

MRK5 163:  

  • Boot size 11 and up Mondo 29 and up
  • Rider Height: 5’11” – 6’5”    181cm – 196cm
  • Body mass: 170 lbs – 225lbs.    77 kg  -  102 kg


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